Energy Saving Tool for more Sustainable Construction

Our solution reduces energy use by up to 40%, cutting CO2 emissions and operational costs. Achieve more sustainable construction sites with automated processes and accurate ESG, DGNB, and LCA reporting with your needs in mind.


The ultimate IoT solution

Automate the process and save money

Start saving money from day one with no high overhead. Energy saving tool is designed for data monitoring and control, efficiently optimizing each construction site.

Cost-effective solution
Easy and Fast deployment
Automated monitoring

Ensure accurate data for LCA reporting

Utilize our Energy Saving Tool for accurate data collection, ensuring compliance with sustainability regulations: LCA reporting, ESG reporting and DGNB certification.

Compliance solution
DGNB certification
ESG data collection

Boost sustainability efforts

Contribute to global sustainability initiatives by significantly reducing CO2 emissions on construction sites. By implementing the Energy Saving Tool, your business can actively lower its environmental impact.

Sustainable construction
Energy efficiency

Optimize power consumption

Maximize energy efficiency on site by controlling power usage, ensuring lights and heating are minimized. Heating is set to a minimum during weekends and nights, and never exceeding 22°C during working hours.

Energy management
Power saving

Did you know that more than half of the energy at construction sites is used when nobody's there?

Our Energy Saving Tool addresses this issue by conserving power during off-hours, focusing on shutting off electricity to workforce cabins and tool containers when not in use. The system is smart, and makes sure the tool containers don't go below 5 degrees and the workforce cabins are heated before anyone arrives.

The Energy Saving Tool is a solution that is specifically built for construction sites, is pre-configured, and can be installed in 10 minutes.

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A picture of Aleksander Probst Otovic, Head of Sustainability at MT Højgaard Danmark
Acembee has made it possible for us to save on our CO2 emissions, while also saving us money. This is truly a ‘low-hanging fruit’ for sustainability. At MT Højgaard we constantly search for new solutions to optimize our sites, and this is definitely a step in the right direction.
Aleksander Probst Otovic,
Head of Sustainability at MT Højgaard Danmark
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Compliance with the sustainability regulations

LCA reporting

From July 2025, the construction site will be a part of the LCA reporting. A limit value of 1.5 kg CO 2 e/m 2 /year is set for the climate impact arising from energy consumption and material waste on the construction site.

By evaluating the environmental footprint of energy consumption on construction sites, the Energy Saving Tool empowers companies to minimize negative impacts and enhance sustainability.

The Energy Saving Tool serves as a valuable tool for cost reduction, identifying opportunities for resource efficiency and energy conservation, thereby improving project economics and compliance with LCA.


DGNB certification is a system that evaluates buildings based on their sustainability performance across environmental, economic, and social criteria.

The Energy Saving Tool helps construction companies adhere to DGNB standards by controlling power usage on construction sites, ensuring lights and heating are minimized during non-working hours.

Using the Energy Saving Tool, construction companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainable building practices, enhancing their reputation and credibility in the market.

ESG reporting

ESG reporting is gaining importance in construction, with mandatory reporting expected from the 2025 financial year. While not mandatory yet, staying informed and proactive will help meet future ESG reporting requirements effectively. 

This is where the Energy Saving Tool excels. By significantly reducing electricity costs and CO2 emissions, the solution ensures financial savings for contractors and contributes to the global sustainability effort.

With the Energy Saving Tool's accurate data collection and report generation capabilities, compliance with upcoming ESG regulations is assured. 


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