Collect any data, from anywhere, with ease

Seamlessly transmit data with our custom
SIM-based IoT solution. Access +1,000 sensors
and 36 protocol combinations, bypass costly prototyping and dive into instant insights.

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acembee iot device

The ultimate IoT solution across industries

Energy saving for construction sites

The Acembee solution cuts energy use by up to 50%, lowering CO2 emissions and operational expenses.

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Industrial equipment monitoring

Boost operational efficiency with Acembee's advanced solutions for real-time monitoring of industrial equipment, minimizing downtime.


Utilize Acembee for kWh monitoring and CO2 emissions control, enhancing energy efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Maintenance equipment monitoring

Acembee provides data-driven insights for contractor companies in the installation sector, optimizing service intervals and operations.

Put the power of IoT at your fingertips, simplified and cost-effective

We’re dedicated to making IoT accessible and affordable, ensuring you can use cutting-edge technology without complexity or high costs.

Plug-and-Play Solution

Launch your IoT fleet quickly with our plug-and-play solutions: access hardware, software, and data all on one unified platform.

Customize to your needs

Build your own BEE online to match your needs using Acembee's user-friendly, plug-and-play platform – as easy as building with Lego.

Mix and match protocols

The BEE can be connected to any device using Modbus, Analog, Digital, Uart, or I2C. Mix and match each input to your needs

Connect any sensor

Choose any sensor from our catalog: GPS, distance, pressure, weight, flow, kWh etc. or connect any of your own, including wireless Bluetooth sensors.


Powerful, and versatile

Discover the BEE — your compact solution for enhanced monitoring and connectivity.

  • Up to 10 years battery life

    Power your BEE with the inbuilt and changeable battery, or connect to an external power source

  • 5 connections

    Connect up to 5 sensors, PLCs, or relays, through the 5 M12 connectors. Configure any input to any type of sensor protocol

  • Water and dustproof casing

    A BEE has an IP67 box, but can also be purchased without a box and integrated into anything

acembee iot device
A picture of Claus Torbøl, CEO at Guldager
Acembee has made it possible for us to build IoT into our products, which wasn’t possible with any other solution.
Claus Torbøl,
CEO at Guldager A/S
How to order

Customize, configure, and scale

Smoothly build your IoT fleet with over 1,000 sensor options, flexible subscription plans, and seamless scaling.

Choose sensors

Choose from 1000+ sensors and protocols, combine as needed, all connected to one box for easy setup.

Set up

Decide how often each sensor collects data and how often it's sent to the data warehouse.

Choose a subscription

Pick a plan based on your data requirements. You can store your data at Acembee data warehouse as well.

Place your order

Order the number of BEEs and sensors you need. You can expand your IoT fleet whenever you like.


Effortless Setup for Immediate Impact

Easily build your custom IoT device online using Acembee’s simple drag-and-drop interface. Select sensors, adjust data intervals, and manage devices post-deployment — all in one streamlined service.

  • Drag&drop interface

  • Manage devices post-deployment

  • Streamlined service

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acembee iot dashboard

Gather and control your data from anywhere

Manage your data collection from any location with Acembee. Our platform enables you to start IoT projects independently, saving time and costs on prototyping. With Acembee, kick-start your IoT initiatives efficiently, quickly turning your ideas into reality.

acembee iot device
  • Cost-effective

  • Tested and secure

  • Fully customisable

  • No additional resources needed

  • No technical skills required

  • Dashboard and storage included


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About Acembee

Holger Bregnhøi and Oline Stærke, engineers from DTU, founded Acembee to simplify IoT. Recognized with awards like DTU Startup of the Year, we've grown into a team of nine, supporting businesses in IoT solutions. Backed by tech investors and with institutional support, we're committed to demystifying IoT for a positive impact on the economy and environment

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acembee iot dashboard


How can Acembee help me implement solutions for my business?

We offer a free 30-minute consultation with our experts to explore tailored solutions for your business. We help you overcome technical barriers and fast-track your IoT journey by enabling data collection, automation, and innovative business model creation within your current infrastructure.

What types of data can be collected and analyzed using Acembee?

Acembee can collect and analyze a wide range of data, including information about your equipment's performance, energy usage, environmental conditions, and more. This data can help you identify inefficiencies, predict maintenance needs, and make better decisions for your business.

Is my data secured using Acembee?

Yes, Acembee ensures top-notch security at every level of our solution, from hardware to data transmission and storage. We continually update and enhance security measures to meet the highest standards and address emerging risks.

Is Acembee data transmission service reliable?

Acembee employs multiple network options for data transmission. Presently, our platform runs on NB-IoT across Europe, with plans to introduce 2G, 4G, and cat-m by fall 2024.

Can the device be deployed in hard-to-reach locations like a basement?

Yes, it can. For challenging locations such as basements, we recommend using NB-IoT due to its ability to reach areas where other networks may struggle.

Can Acembee assist with deployment and installation?

Of course! Contact us anytime for support, and we can also connect you with trusted partners for installation assistance.